Motorcity Premier League

 City   : Woodhaven,Michigan,United States
 Sport : cricket    |   Type : T-Ball    |      Overs : 20 overs
 Teams : 16
 Followers : 14
 Sponsors : 1

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MPCL Rules/Tournament Highlights:


  1. Idea of the Tournament is to get teams ready for DCL so that they get enough practice before DCL starts and can hit the ground running when DCL Starts

  2. We are trying to make this a Competitive tournament so that teams can get valuable match practice with neutral Umpires

  3. Cash 1st Prize: $500; 2nd Prize: 300$. There will be no tax deduction from the winner’s check as this tournament is not conducted with a profit motive rather the idea is to get players much needed and valuable practice with their respective DCL Teams before they play their first DCL Game thereby increasing their chance of success when DCL kicks off. If possible to increase the winner’s check we will try to do it but present budget constraints indicate this will be the minimum amount that will be distributed. You can be assured that the amount advertised will be the minimum amount distributed. Since we do not have a profit motive if we can distribute more then we will distribute more.

  4. 3 day tournament (Friday Night, Sat and Sun all day)  with every team promised a minimum of three, 20 overs T ball games

  5. MPCL Committee will be very strict on time issues and every team has exactly 90 minutes to bowl 20 Overs. Failure to bowl the full quota of Overs in the allotted time will result in 10 run bonus per Over not bowled being awarded to the opposition. At the bare minimum the 20th Over must have started before the allotted 90 minutes are up and for deciding the penalty, Umpires are clearly instructed to assess the penalty based on how many of the allotted Overs did not get started before time ran out. All teams are requested to play in good faith and keep the timings as we need to make this a positive experience for everyone by ensuring all games are played as intended.

  6. There will be Team & Individuals Trophies awarded to the finalists

  7. This will be a 16 Team tournament. If we do not get 16 teams and it is not financially feasible then we reserve the right to not conduct the tournament

  8. 16 teams will be split into four Pools of four teams each

  9. Top two from each pool will qualify for the QF to be held on Sunday afternoon

  10. Players will need to play a minimum of one Pool game to be eligible to play in the Playoff.

  11. Cost of Entry: Registration fees $300 payable to Mr. Maulik Patel by March 20, 2016

  12. Teams can have up to 18 players on their roster so the net cost per player works out to about $16.70 per player.

  13. Teams will be booked on a first paid first reserved basis

  14. Date and Venue: Brownstown Baseball Field; Date April 22, 23 & 24. If the weekend is rained out then we will host the games on April 29-May 1. If both the weekends are rained out then we will refund the money.

  15. All teams will be required to do cross pool Umpiring during the regularly scheduled pool games

  16. Neutral Umpires are planned for QF, Semis & Finals where we will try our best to get Umpires who are considered best of breed

  17. We will use a 60 yard boundary for this tournament

  18. There will be a 5 Over Power Play that can be taken at any time at the discretion of the batting team.

  19. DCL RULES APPLIES regards to Power plays and ALL OTHER aspects. Only difference when compared with DCL Rules is the fact that this tournament will employ a 20/20 format as opposed to DCL’s unique 25/25 format, penalty of 10 Runs/Over awarded to opponent for not bowling the full quota of Overs in the allotted time, 60 yard boundary and 4 Over/Bowler limit per Bowler.

  20. We request Teams to pick a color and see if all their players can wear a t shirt that matches their team color so that we look professional.

  21. Teams will be distributed into the 4 Pools based on relative strength from 2015 DCL Regular Season results and same process will be followed till all the teams who played in DCL last year are assigned to the four pools. New teams will be randomly allocated to one of the Pools

  22. Every win will be assigned 2 Points and a tie will be assigned 1 point and a Loss is assigned 0 points.

  23. QF lineup will be A1 vs B2, A2 vs B1, C1 vs D2 and C2 vs D1

  24. SF lineup will be winner of A1/B2 vs winner of C1/D2 and winner of A2/B1 vs winner of C2/D1

  25. Pool standings will be based on points. If two teams are tied then the tie breaker will be NRR

  26. Tournament NRR will be calculated as stated below:


  27. Teams need to bring their own stumps for the games

  28. If playoff games are tied then there will be a 5 Over Super Over to break the tie and this will be conducted in accordance with DCL Rules.

  29. Decision of the Organizing Committee will be final on all matters.

  30. Please keep a copy of the DCL Rule book handy as all points not covered above will be adjudicated based on the rules laid out in the DCL Rule Book. If the DCL Rule Book is mum on a subject then we will go by the ICC rule.